Professional Goal Statement

Wellness is not a commodity. It is not a product that can be purchased.
Wellness is a state of being available to all life forces.
The global earth ecology is in a profound state of crisis. Our plants, animals, humans, fish, water, air and earth are all in pain. As an interconnected, relational, dynamic life force within an ecosystem whose very existence is threatened I commit myself to being a healing presence on this planet.
As a member of a privileged culture that values capitalism and careers, materialism and dualism, I dedicate my professional career to restoring balance and reciprocity within the elements that choose to come in contact with me. I will embody this promise as an Integrative Healer, teacher, small business owner and wellness activist.
Now is the time to acknowledge the social injustice embedded in my culture directly and honestly. Today is the day that I will disrupt hegemony with loving presence and unconditional acceptance.
In my professional endeavors I will embody the paradigm of both/and. I envision a world where techno-cultures and sacred cultures live together in balance. I pray for a world where biomedicine is practiced with compassion and loving kindness and alternative healing is no longer alternative–it is simply healing; where transpersonal, non-linear thinking is leveraged as a balance to scientific rigor and the earth is acknowledged as a sentient life force worthy of respect.
By leading through example and promoting these ways of being through my healing practices, seminars, workshops and writings I will experience all of the abundance that working in alignment with my path can offer.
~ Andy Groggel

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