What is Reiki?

Reiki was discovered in its current form in the late 1920′s century by Dr. Mikao Usui on Mt. Kurama in Japan. Approximately translated, Reiki means “universal life force energy”, and refers to the creator energy that is everywhere and that is everything. That energy has a specific positive feel, or vibration, to it that contains the unconditional potential to heal. Reiki, in short, is a manifestation of unconditional love. Reiki is not a religion, you do not have to believe in it for it to work. Reiki knows what it is doing, and it time and time again shows itself to be supremely intuitive, always working towards your highest good!

When someone receives a Reiki session, they are accepting this healing energy from a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is RELAXING and RESTORATIVE!! Acting as a channel for Reiki, a practitioner guides Reiki to restore an individuals natural ability to heal themselves. Working on and around the body through light touch, a practitioner may remove energy blocks, balance the chakra system, work on the physical level to relieve pain or heal wounds, or address any other issues that were previously identified.

Clients usually report feeling a sense of calm and peace flood over them during a session. Many report feeling a warmth coming from their practitioners hands, see colors, or feel a tingling sensation in their limbs while receiving Reiki. Reiki is so much fun to receive!

Learning Reiki, then, is to enter into a relationship with this higher energy feeling, or vibration. When studying Reiki, first you learn how to flow and interact with Reiki on the personal level (Shoden Level); to heal yourself. Next, you deepen your relationship by learning the first three Reiki symbols and using them to amplify your healing practice with others (Okuden Level). Finally, should you choose, you fully commit to a healing path with Reiki and learn how to initiate new Reiki practitioners (Shinpiden Level).

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