My path to Reiki

602455_647790850143_1234099987_nI was introduced to Reiki through my step father, Brent, now a Reiki Master. During a visit home for the holidays he gave me a small set of chakra stones that, he told me, he had charged with Reiki. I quickly wrote Reiki off as pure quackery, but soon after returning to San Francisco, I found myself taking out the small bag of stones and thinking about Reiki. After a short Google search, I was so taken by what I had read that I went and purchased my first book on the subject. The content that was being presented resonated with personal beliefs so deep and fundamental to my experiences in life that I felt like I already knew what I was reading. One book lead to three, and, without telling anyone, I began to look for a class to take.

I became a Reiki Master while studying under Anna Dorian of Vibrant Reiki in February of 2011. Over the past year and a half I have volunteered as a Reiki practitioner with Palliative and Hospice Care patients in San Jose, assisted in teaching numerous classes to students at Vibrant Reiki, practiced Reiki privately with clients, and will soon begin Masters level training at the California Institute for Integral Studies in Integrative Health Training. 

Reiki has led me to my path, and it is my great joy share with you Reiki’s many gifts. So even if you are the slightest bit curious about Reiki, or maybe even a complete skeptic, I encourage you to reach out and contact me. No questions are silly questions, so if you feel the tug, take the leap!

It is my goal to create a personalized healing session that specifically addresses your needs. My specialties include: Palliative/Hospice Care, Children, and those looking to be connected with their own, true, path. Let’s start a dialog, schedule a session or class, and launch you on your healing path.

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