What is Shamanic Counseling?

In my healing sessions, I blend the shamanic healing methods of my teacphoto-3hers with shamanic counseling techniques. The first two or three sessions focus on restoring the clients energy body to a balanced state. The central healing technique I use in my sessions is called the Illumination. I work with healing stones, sacred plants such as sage, cedar and tobacco, songs and scents that all help facilitate the release of energy that no longer serves the client. Once that energy is discharged I bring in high vibration energy to help restore balance.

During these first few sessions a client may also benefit from a:

  • Power Animal retrieval
  • Soul retrieval
  • Shamanic extraction

After we complete this initial phase of healing I begin to introduce shamanic counseling techniques into the sessions. I work together with my clients to tap into their inner wisdom via the shamanic journey. I teach individuals how to connect and form a relationship with their helping spirits and guides who are unconditionally supporting entities available to guide our life walk. I help my clients navigate through a process of understanding the visions they see in their journey and use wellness coaching empowerment techniques to root their experiences in waking reality.

Remote sessions are available over Skype or by phone!

Remote sessions are available over Skype or by phone!

Want more information? Contact me:

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